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Walking Wicket is an endeavour to convey the holistic perspective of Cricket to its large number of genuine fans across the world.


We at Walking Wicket personally believe that Cricket is a tool, which brings people together irrespective of their gender, culture, caste, religion and colour. Cricket shares a bond of happiness and togetherness among people. Cricket inspires people to achieve unattainable heights, unconquered desires and triumph over oneself.

Walking Wicket doesn’t play with the image of sports at any cost. It respects the game, its players, and its rules & regulations. Walking Wicket doesn’t make any pointless disarray which hurts the spirit of the game. We play fair and wise.

And, we are determined to fill your day with a fantastic and unbiased reading. We bring a holistic view of cricket at your platter. Our commitment to channelise our thoughts through our writing and your relentless support would help us reach out to the far corners of the world.


Pawan Verma. Writer, Blogger.

Founder & Lead Writer


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An avid sports reader, a former engineer and a lifetime Sports fan. He loves travelling and exploring places. In his free time, you could find him either watching sports or reading books.


Patel Nagar, Delhi, 110008

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