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T20 World Cup 2024: Lessons for ICC as Lauderhill sees three abandoned games

T20 World Cup 2024: Three important matches were abandoned at Lauderhill due to rain and lack of facilities. What are the top lessons for ICC from this.

T20 World Cup 2024: Three important matches were abandoned at Lauderhill due to rain and lack of facilities | Walking Wicket (Source_ ©ICC_X)
India vs Canada match was abandoned without a ball bowled (Source: ©X/Twitter)

Lauderhill in Florida, United States will be known more for its non-cricketing action in T20 World Cup 2024 than any contest between bat and ball on the field. Three matches out of four in the ongoing World T20 scheduled at Lauderhill were abandoned due to rain without a ball being bowled. 

Although rain played spoilsport at Lauderhill in the three games, it cannot be denied that poor drainage facilities didn’t even allow a five-over contest that could have made the difference in the group standings. There are a few important lessons for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to learn from this costly error.

Rethinking about giving matches to grounds with poor drainage facilities

In a multi-nation tournament such as the World T20, ICC should recheck the proper drainage facilities at grounds before allotting them the rights to host matches. There were rain breaks but the stadium’s poor drainage facilities didn’t even allow a match of five-overs each. The three abandonments hurt the chances of Pakistan mostly as a washed-out match at Lauderhill between Ireland and United States of America saw the latter qualify with an extra point after the game was called off. 

Pakistan entering the next phase and even a possible India-Pakistan knockout clash would have earned more eyeballs and revenue for all. Hence, abandoned matches can be more detrimental to the tournament than at least a five-overs game. 

ICC should be extra careful as 2028 Los Angeles Olympics nears

Los Angeles is set to host the 2028 Olympics. Therefore, ICC should take all the necessary care before allotting matches to Lauderhill or any other ground in the USA that has poor drainage facilities ahead of the 2028 Olympic Games. An abandoned game without a ball being bowled due to wet outfield despite a rain break would turn it into a dull affair and turn off spectators, fans, teams, broadcasters and stakeholders. 

Cricket is being played only for the second time in the Olympics after the 1900 Summer Olympics. Therefore, ICC should leave no stone unturned to see the grounds are up to the mark in all respects and are ready to host even short matches post a rain-break. That will keep the action going on the field, and also make the stakeholders happy. It is extremely vital for cricket competitions to be successful in the 2028 Olympics without any dull abandoned matches to further the chances of the gentleman’s game continuing being a part of the biggest sporting event of the world.

Out of 4, 3 matches were abandoned in Lauderhill | Walking Wicket (Source_ ©ICC_X)
Out of 4, 3 matches were abandoned in Lauderhill (Source: ©X/Twitter)
Loss of revenue

If matches just get abandoned due to wet outfield post rain breaks, then there is a significant loss of revenue. Spectators would rue their loss of time; fans may get disinterested in the US market where cricket is still in its nascent stage and organisers would have to refund the ticket amount resulting in losses. Broadcasters, advertisers and hawkers who serve the fans in the stadiums would all lose revenue post an abandoned game. Hence, ICC should ensure that at least a five-over contest is made possible with appropriate ground facilities.

Avoid a situation like Lauderhill which lost a chance to see Kohli, Rohit in action

ICC is targeting the US as an important market to promote the sport. And Lauderhill is an important cricketing centre. But thanks to the India vs Canada game at Lauderhill being abandoned, fans, especially Indians settlers, lost the chance to see their favourite cricketing icons such as Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in action. 

It would have left a taste of disappointment among them as there were occasions when rain had halted, but the wet outfield could not even ensure a five-overs match. If matches keep getting abandoned due to poor facilities at particular grounds, fans would lose interest in coming all the way to the stadiums to attend the matches, proving detrimental in promoting the sport in the US.


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