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What's fueling Sanju Samson's success in IPL 2024

IPL 2024: What's working for Sanju Samson this season. Sanju has scored 471 runs at a strike rate of 163.54 from 11 matches in IPL 2024 so far.

IPL 2024: The reason behind Sanju samson's success this season | Walking Wicket (Images_ ©BCCI_IPLT20)
IPL 2024: Sanju Samson striking at 163+ this season (Images: ©BCCI/IPLT20)

Rajasthan Royals (RR) skipper Sanju Samson is among the top five run-getters in IPL 2024 currently. He has posted 471 runs in 11 matches so far – his best batting figures in a 12 year-long IPL career. Samson’s performance this IPL season sees a huge spike in his batting figures as compared to the last couple of editions. Let’s have a look at Samson’s performance in IPL 2024 and the last two editions from the table below. (Stats till May 9, 2024)





Strike Rate




















Not only the aggregate of runs, but his batting average, strike rate and number of fifties scored in IPL 2024 so far is his personal best. And he is not done yet, Samson will play at least three more matches and improve on his batting figures.

So, what has Samson been doing differently in IPL 2024?

Showing maturity

Samson has matured as a batter this season. In earlier seasons, he played more impact cameos. But this season, Samson at No 3 is putting a heavy price tag on his wicket, and playing long innings to take his team to winning positions. He already has 5 fifties in 11 games in IPL 2024 as compared to his highest 3 scores of fifty or more in a season five times earlier. 

He has turned himself into an anchor-cum-aggressor at No 3 for Rajasthan. He looks to bat through the innings while striking at above 160. Rather than looking to smack every ball to the boundary, he is mixing caution with aggression this season for the larger interest of the team. And the result is showing in his batting figures – the best in his IPL career.

Playing anchor

When the Rajasthan openers were struggling early in the tournament, it was Samson who produced those crucial knocks to anchor the innings and take the team to winning positions. The result was that Rajasthan won the first four matches on the trot. It is his sensible and calm batting that has rubbed on his teammates as well. 

When it comes to chasing, Sanju Samson is doing even better, taking the onus on himself to take the team closer to the finish line, and attempting to close the game himself. It speaks a lot about his character of shouldering the responsibility of a captain and leading from the front. Samson has three fifties while chasing and two of them have resulted in wins this season. 

Visible changes and what’s ahead for Samson

IPL 2024, DC vs RR, Key Takeaways_  Sanju Samson's 86 goes in vain as DC beat RR _ Walking Wicket (Images_ ©BCCI_IPLT20)
Samson's 86 goes in vain as DC beat RR (Images: ©BCCI/IPLT20)

Samson has reinvented his game

After more than a decade of playing IPL, Samson has understood the style of batting required to flourish as a T20 batter. He is good at his shot selection now at every stage of the match. He is looking to bat deep. He is looking to lead from the front at No 3, and giving his team the best chance to win games. This realisation has helped Samson evolve as a quality T20 batter this season.

Reward: A spot in World T20 squad

Thanks to his raging form this IPL season, Samson has been deservedly rewarded with a place in India’s T20 World Cup squad. Rishabh Pant might pip Samson for a place in the XI as the former is a left-handed batter who brings more balance. But it would be too tempting to play an in-form batter in Samson during some stage of the tournament. And if Samson does well with the few opportunities he will receive, it will do a world of good to his confidence and his international career.

Samson shuts his detractors

Over the years, Samson had to endure a lot of criticism as he was unable to live up to his talent and expectations. However, Samson is finally punching above his waist, and making his detractors shut up. This augurs well for him, his IPL team and Team India. Not to forget, Samson still has few years of cricket left in him. 

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