India-New Zealand Tests: How the two teams stack up historically

India and New Zealand first played a Test match against each other back in the winter of 1955-56 when the Kiwis toured India for the first time. They engaged in a five-match Test series that kicked off with the first Test at Hyderabad between November 19-24, 1955. The venues where the other four Test matches of that particular series were played were Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. The matches at Mumbai and Chennai produced results in favour of the home side and India emerged victors by 2-0 in that inaugural series between the two nations.

Sixty-five and a half years later from the date on which these two sides met for the first time at the international level, the current teams find themselves to be the first two finalists of the inaugural World Test Championship (WTC) that took place in the last two years despite the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the schedule during the last year at most junctures.

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Story in Test matches so far in terms of numbers:

The result summary of the Test matches between the two sides elucidates that India has won 21 of the 59 matches played between the two nations with the Kiwis managing to win in 12 encounters. A total of 26 Test matches have ended in draws.

All of the 59 Test matches between the two sides played until now have been slotted in a home/away format, with India hosting 11 bilateral series and New Zealand hosting 10 such events. India have won 11 series out of the 21 played between the two sides, nine at home and two away. New Zealand has won six bilateral series, all at home. Four series between the two sides have ended in draws.

Out of India’s 21 victories, 16 have come at home venues while five have come at venues in New Zealand. New Zealand have won 10 Tests at home while managing to scrape off victories in two Tests in India.

It will be worthwhile here to look at a few team records related to the Test matches between the two sides as the followers of the game warm-up to the all-important WTC final.

Five of the highest team totals posted by India against New Zealand:

Five of the highest team totals posted by New Zealand against India: