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IND vs AUS, 1st T20I: Inglis ton goes in vain: SKY's 80 takes India home

India vs Australia, 1st T20I: Josh Inglis' 110, Suryakumar Yadav's 80 and Ishan Kishan's 58 are top performances. India beat Australia by 2 wickets and take 1-0 lead in 5-match series.

India vs Australia, 1st T20I: Suryakumar Yadav scored 80 against Australia  | Walking Wicket (Photo_ ©BCCI_Twitter)
Suryakumar Yadav scored 80 against Australia (Photo: ©BCCI/Twitter)

Brief Scores: AUS 208/3 (Inglis 110, Smith 52) beaten by IND 214/8 (Surya 80, Kishan 58) by 2 wickets.

Player of the Match: Suryakumar Yadav (80 off 42).

While this victory for the young Indian side on 23rd November at Vishakhapatnam may not completely settle the scores after the recent World Cup encounters, it undoubtedly provides a satisfying triumph. 

It might not fully heal the wounds from the World Cup disappointment, given the substantial difference in the scale of the two matches. However, just three days after the heartbreak in Ahmedabad, Indian fans can revel in reclaiming a win against the Australians.

In their head-to-head encounters, India had a 15-10 advantage over Australia as they entered this match.

Talking point: India’s fearless approach to chase

India was fearless in the chase against Australia, pursuing a challenging target of 209. Despite early setbacks, aggressive innings from Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav set the tone. The team's determination and resilience were evident as they faced the pressure of the escalating run rate. Rinku Singh's contribution played a vital role in the final overs and reflected India's fearless pursuit, culminating in a thrilling last-ball victory.

India clinches a consolation win in series opener after World Cup

India secured a narrow 2-wicket victory against Australia in a high-scoring match of the series opener. Australia posted a formidable total of 208/3 in their 20 overs, with Steven Smith's explosive 52 and Josh Inglis's quickfire 110 contributing significantly. 

In response, India faced early setbacks with early wickets, including Ruturaj Gaikwad's run-out and Yashasvi Jaiswal's dismissal. However, Ishan Kishan's aggressive 58 and Suryakumar Yadav's blistering 80 kept India in the chase.

The match witnessed fluctuating fortunes, with India requiring 14 runs in the last over. Rinku Singh's composed innings brought the equation down to the last ball. Needing 1 run to win, Rinku kept his nerve, securing a dramatic victory for India with a boundary. 

Australia's bowlers tried to defend their total, but India's determined batting lineup achieved the target in a nail-biting finish. 

Let’s glance at the top three performances from the game between Australia and India in the first T20I.

India vs Australia, 1st T20I_ Jos Inglis 110 goes in vain as India beat Australia _ Walking Wicket (Photo_ ©ICC_Twitter)
Jos Inglis' 110 goes in vain as India beat Australia (Photo: ©ICC/Twitter)
Dream day for Inglis at Vishakhapatnam

Josh Inglis was the star of the Australia innings with a blistering hundred, which he brought up off just 47 balls. He went hammer and tongs right from the outset, coming in at the fall of Matthew Short in the fifth over. He beautifully dispatched Bishnoi’s delivered short-pitched ball but quickly anticipating the length. With a swift movement, he pivoted across and unleashed a powerful pull shot that soared over square leg. It was a resounding six, showcasing Inglis's ability to execute a perfectly timed shot precisely.

Mukesh Kumar then delivered very full and just outside the off-stump delivery. In response, Inglis adeptly brought his bat down, employing an open face to guide the ball sweetly backward of square on the off-side. The timing and placement were impeccable as the ball raced to the boundary ropes, culminating in a sublime four for Inglis.

Finally, he achieved his maiden international century facing Arshdeep Singh. He demonstrated remarkable skill and encountered a low full toss delivered wide of off-stump. Inglis stretched out expertly, employing a precise slice that evaded the wicketkeeper and raced to the boundary. 

Completing the milestone in a mere 47 balls, Inglis's innings was nothing short of blistering, marking a significant achievement in his international career.

Surya’s blistering come-back knock after a disappointing World Cup final

SuryaKumar Yadav was again in his white-ball beast form in the first T20I game against Australia. Coming in the second over itself after an unfortunate runout of Gaikwad, Surya didn’t look back. Yadav notched up his well-deserved half-century facing Abbott in the 13th over. The delivery, pitched up and full in the middle, presented itself as the perfect opportunity. Yadav elegantly lofted the ball over long-on. It was a shot that reached the boundary and reflected the class and flair of Yadav's batting prowess as he brought his fifty up.

Nathan Ellis then delivered a ball full and straight on the off-stump, landing it perfectly in the batter's slot. Seizing the opportunity, Yadav went deep into his crease and connected the ball right out of the middle of the bat. The ball effortlessly over wide long-on for a maximum. It was a display of perfect technique and execution.

The skipper exhibited an outstanding innings. Yadav accumulated an impressive 80 runs from just 42 deliveries. His innings comprised nine boundaries and four towering sixes, illustrating a perfect blend of precision and power. 

India vs Australia, 1st T20I_ Ishan Kishan scored 58 against Australia  _ Walking Wicket (Photo_ ©BCCI_Twitter)
Ishan Kishan scored 58 against Australia (Photo: ©BCCI/Twitter)
Ishan compliments Surya with a wonderful half-century

What Surya needed on the other end was a partner to go in tune with him after the openers went back to the pavilion early on. This partner turned out to be Ishan Kishan. Ishan mostly provided the anchor on one end, allowing Surya to go blazing guns on the other. 

Abbott pitched a delivery full on the pads to Kishan. Displaying impeccable timing and finesse, he elegantly whipped the ball through the air. The shot soared over midwicket, effortlessly clearing the fielder and the boundary ropes. The ball's trajectory was a testament to the perfect connection, resulting in a delightful six for Ishan Kishan.

Thus, Kishan crafted a stylish innings, amassing 58 runs from 39 deliveries, adorned with two crisply timed boundaries and an impressive array of five sixes. 

Statistical Highlights from the Australia vs India game
  • This is the first time Smith has opened in any international game format.

  • The 130-run stand for the second wicket between Inglis & Smith is Australia's highest for this wicket in T20Is.

  • Josh Inglis hit the joint-fastest hundred in T20Is for Australia (47 balls).

  • The third wicket stand of 112 between SKY & Kishan is the second-highest for this wicket for India against Australia in T20Is.

  • Josh Inglis & Steven Smith brought up the fourth century stand for any wicket for Australia against India in T20Is.

What’s to Come

The series remains finely poised, promising more thrilling encounters between the two competitive teams as India now takes a 1-0 lead. The second T20I between the two sides will be played in Thiruvananthapuram on November 26.


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