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WTC Prize Money - Winners to take home USD 1.6 million

The World Test Championship final is just a few days away as India and New Zealand are set to play arguably the biggest match in the history of Test Cricket. Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the prize money for all the teams that participated during the two-year cycle from 2019-21.

ICC Test Championship Mace

A prize money of USD 1.6 million will be awarded to the winners of the WTC final, ICC said in a media release shared on Monday. Whoever wins the final of the WTC, due to be held from June 18 to 22, will take home the whopping amount.

The losing team will collect prize money of USD 8,00,000. Australia who have finished third in the World Test Championship standings will get USD 4,50,000. England at number four will take home an award of USD 3,50,000 while Pakistan who have finished at number five will get USD 2,00,000.

The other four teams which are at sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth positions will get an amount of USD 1,00,000 each. Earlier, the team which topped the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings was handed a Test Mace. It will now be given to the WTC final winners.

What happens if the WTC final ends in a draw or a no-result?

While the ICC has scheduled a reserve day for the final, if the summit clash ends in a draw or a no-result, both the teams will share the prize money distributed for the first and second place which amounts to USD 2.4 million. The possession of the Test Mace will also be shared between the two teams during the time they remain champions.

“In case the final ends in a draw or a tie, the finalists will split the prize money for the first and second places and share possession of the Mace during the time they remain champions," the ICC said.

The Test Mace

The International Cricket Council further shed light on the interesting information about the Test Mace. “The Mace, designed by English luxury brand Thomas Lyte, is based around the global nature of Test cricket and the competing nations.

“The focal point of the Mace is the cricket ball since it is at the core of the game whether being bowled, hit or fielded. Encircling the ball is the globe, referencing the global reach of Test cricket and one can see the silver-gilt cricket ball through the oceans of the map.

ICC Test Championship Mace

“The countries of the world are supported on the longitude lines you see on a globe – this allows for an interesting interplay of light on the different surfaces, especially as the mace is moved and catches that light. The world is surrounded by a central belt carrying the insignia of all 12 competing Test nations, with space to add others in the future,” ICC stated.

The Test championship final between the top two teams India and New Zealand will begin on June 18 in Southampton.


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